Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Astronaut's New Boots

Well, here is a piece of information I did not know until now: the boots that are part of an astronaut's suit have not been updated or changed in the last 50 years! So athletic shoe manufacturer Reebok teamed up with aviation and aerospace headset manufacturer David Clark Company to design a new space boot. And the SB-01 is the stunning result. They look so good, I really want a pair to wear here on earth!

"Weight is a huge factor in space travel with just a single pound having big financial implications," says Matt Montross of Reebok Innovation. "Traditional space boots were made of rigid leather with firm soles and were not integrated into the actual space suit. Reebok Floatride Foam introduced three revolutionary elements to the space boot; it decreased the overall weight significantly, it brought the added comfort in a space boot and support that you would expect in a running shoe and it delivered a new level of sleekness and style."

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