Tuesday, June 12, 2018

BEAUTY: Clothing--Misc. London Fashion Week Men's

Here is a wrap-up of some miscellaneous details I found interesting during the SS '19 shows at London Fashion Week Men's:

E. Tautz's Patrick Grant showed a collection inspired by the dignity of workers and trade unions. Long a supporter of British manufacturing, spinning and weaving, Grant put slogans from historical British labor movements on shirts...slogans such as "MY FATHER WAS A TEXTILE WORKER," "GIVE ME A FUTURE," and a black skull from an 1848 Punch magazine cartoon calling attention to low-paid, downtrodden garment workers; the number "2 1/2" next to the skull was the sweatshop labor payouts at the time, in pence. Fittingly, the show took place at the headquarters of the TUC Trades Union Congress near Covent Garden.

And now...SHOES!

Martine Rose showed some slick, square-toed loafers in a variety of materials...

But the best of the crop were Charles Jeffrey's fantastic striped, laced, and strapped platform loafers in a ton of colors...and if they are too flashy, they come in a classic somber grey as well... hee hee...
I've been hankering for some platforms for a while...and Robyn fueled my hankering!


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