Friday, June 22, 2018

BEAUTY: Clothing--Undercover

For Paris Fashion Week, Jun Takahashi of Undercover showed not one but eight collections! His SS '19 show was inspired by the 1979 cult gang film "The Warriors" and played out in eight looks, one for each fictitious gang concocted by Takahashi.

The first gang was The Dead Hermits, a “multiracial secret hermit-like group that live in opposition to society” according to Takahashi. They appear to be a kind of 70s hippie homage with headbands and lots of golden bangles. Next up were The VLADS, Goth-types who, Takahashi says, are into Bauhaus, hence the black and white graphics on the garments. Since they look like vampires, are they named after Vlad the Impaler? The third gang, Bootleg Truth sported top hats, argyle socks, and kilts in tartan. One of their key gang attributes was that “they never speak.” For our fourth gang, they may seem mild mannered but The Bloody Geekers, a group of nerdy gamers, are actually anything but: a sleeve on a Geekers’ jacket read, "I know you think I’m a sociopath." They carried hammers to make a point. The gangs got odder as they went along and in the fifth slot is a gang called Zenmondoo, a group of--get this--Zen Buddhist motocross enthusiasts. In sixth place, a gang of nomads called The X Shadow Hoppers dressed in suits and carried their belongings on the their backs in packs. A bit like "A Clockwork Orange"'s droogs, the seventh gang called The Larms wielded pipes and chains to go along with their day-glo face paint; according to Takahashi, they were telepathic. And finally, our eighth gang is a little on the non-threatening side: The Zoruge, wore t-shirts and cardigans on which were printed images of old kaiju movie monsters laying waste to Paris, Tokyo, London, and New York.

This collection is wildly amusing, original, and entertaining. What a kick to have an entire back story for all these gangs, pretty much a film script's worth of narrative presented in a condensed format. Kudos.

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