Wednesday, July 24, 2019

BEAUTY: Collage--Lynn Skordal

Lynn Skordal normally creates beautiful, fantastical collage works but this painful piece of art is necessary. Art is a mirror: it reflects ourselves and our time. And gazing at this piece of art Skordal entitled Whither makes me enraged and sickened for what it is reflecting.

Artist statement:
"Whither is a unique altered book about the effect of Trump politics on America, created by Lynn Skordal in the summer and fall of 2018. The original book is a libretto of 'Jesus Christ Superstar,' which seemed oddly appropriate to the subject matter.

A few notes on images and sources: [1] The calling cards ("Civility") are reproductions of Victorian calling cards labelled with the derogatory nicknames Trump uses in public for his political opponents and critics; [2] the silhouettes ("Compassion") represent the Trump Administration's policy of seizing and separating migrant children as they and their parents attempt to cross the US/Mexico border; [3] the spiral statements ("Leadership") are actual quotes from Trump describing his unparalleled excellence as a leader; [4] headlines ("Statesmanship") are cut from the pages of The New York Times and the Seattle Times as they appeared in the summer of 2018; [5] the embroidered references to women ("Respect") all were publicly uttered by Trump before and during his term as president; [6] background lies ("Truth") are screens shots from 'President Trump's Lies, the Definitive List' as published by The New York Times on 7/29/18, and the large flag quote is what the artist imagines to be the primary canon of Trump's political philosophy; [7] the end quote ("America") is by Will Durant, eminent historian."

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