Saturday, September 26, 2009

BEAUTY: Interior

From a recent New York Times article about an influence of "dark nostalgia" in interiors, fashion and lifestyle:
The young people in this article seem to think they invented this, but I recall the influence of "dark nostalgia" at least over twenty years ago. It can be seen in the Goth and New Romance of the 80s as well as in hot spots like the legendary (and now defunct) MK nightclub in Manhattan, with its stuffed dobermans guarding the entrance, all the way to the mounted butterflies and natural curiosities in the 4th floor pool room.

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Anonymous said...


I have always liked this "look" I never had a proper name for it,it reminds me of the turn of the century/gothic.I love the facination with "stuffed" animals and bugs!This look has indeed come back!Walking into "The Gold Bug" in Pasadena last summer,I had fits over everything especially the beautifully preserved insects and other worldly jewely and art.