Friday, March 19, 2010


As of this date, March 19, 2010, there is a controversy going around the web regarding a mysterious, unknown artist/ musician/ songwriter/ band calling herself/ himself/ themselves simply iamamiwhoami. Theories abound about the identity of iamamiwhoami, the most prominent being that it is Swedish singer/songwriter Jonna Lee. The most preposterous theory is that it is Christina Aguilera.

The visuals are quite stunning--woozy, undulating, bulging, wet, visceral, organic, hallucinatory--and the music is electronic, atmospheric and fascinating. iamamiwhoami has posted a series of videos to Youtube puzzlingly identified only by numbers. Take a look... and watch the trees closely in the first one!

Whoever it is, the sounds and visions are beautiful and imaginative. I look forward to finding out the identity of iamamiwhoami... and purchasing their work!

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