Friday, April 29, 2011

Dame Westwood Holds Forth

I love this clip of an interview with Dame Vivienne Westwood from The Guardian UK. This is a condensed version of her marvelous and inspiring Active Resistance To Propaganda Manifesto.

I agree with her about much of what she says: yes, art tells the truth from different points of view, and yes, we understand it because of a sense of common humanity. The only quibble I have--and perhaps this is a large quibble--is with her supposition that the 20th century was a mistake and that all modern art is rubbish. That is quite a sweeping statement to make and one that seems a tad too reactionary, and, honestly, not that well-thought out. By her own admission, the art that is at The Tate Modern is art from a point of view in time and is as legitimate as any other.

But in general, I do like her ideas and I addressed her Manifesto in a past blog posting here.

Here is a link to her Active Resistance To Propaganda website:

And I still adore her clothing designs. She is a true artist. Here are links to her fashion sites:


artistb said...

Looking at Modern Art changed my life. I don't look at it so much anymore. Now bluegrass intrigues me. Perhaps this is the best timeline of a person's life - what cultural visions are dear to them and when.

N's Vincent said...

interesting point of view. thankx for the link/