Saturday, September 10, 2011

BEAUTY: Painting--Barbara Bailey Porter

Here is another artist whose works we own.

I love Barbara Bailey Porter's cityscapes of San Francisco. They are rendered in a poetic, painterly, impressionistic style usually reserved for pastoral plein aire landscapes, not city streets and skyscrapers. She makes the urban experience lyrical and beautiful... although, this is San Francisco we are talking about, possibly the most beautiful (and European-styled) city in the United States. It is a lyrical, beautiful city to begin with.

We own Dusk Drive, fourth image down, and it hangs on a connecting wall between our living room and dining room. I love the sense of this piece: it depicts that special time between day and night, when the world is drenched in that crepuscular texture where there is still a bit of light left to the evening, but headlights and tail lights are already on. The contrast between the two lights is lovely and her execution of this contrast is so evocative...

Top to bottom: Afternoon Light, Looking South, SF; Bush St. Shadows; City Trip; Dusk Drive; Up and Up and Down, SF

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