Monday, September 12, 2011

BEAUTY: Clothing

With barely a week of summer remaining, autumn clothing is starting to make an appearance. And Asher Levine's Fall/ Winter '11-'12 collection is a thing to behold!

Levine's work is rooted in the natural world: animals, plants, and minerals make their way, whether obviously or subliminally, into his creations. His silhouettes and shoes often seem to be sprouting scales or lizard-like spikes. (I like the idea of a traditional fall/ winter plaid flannel shirt but given the Asher Levine treatment so that is looks like it is fleeced with odd vestigial flaps...)

As a side note, I will not wear real fur, and I suspect that Levine is using a lot of it in this collection. Although I disapprove of this material, I still see the beauty and art in what he has created.

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