Saturday, September 10, 2011

BEAUTY: Painting--Beverly Moore

Regular visitors to this blog know that I am an art lover, but what is not readily knowable is that I am an art collector as well. For this blog, I prefer to post artists whose work is new to me (although I have profiled some known and much-appreciated artists), but for a change, I thought I would do a few posts about artists whose works grace the walls of my home.

First up is a painter with whom I have become well-acquainted (I have gone to her for commissioned pieces of art for my interior design clients), Beverly Moore. Sweet and charming, she creates sweeping tributes to the beauty of the California landscape. Her work strikes me just right: it is not overly precious the way some landscapes can be, nor is it too loose or too impressionistic, calling attention to technique only. It is a perfect balance of craft and subject, which happens to be our beloved state. She captures the beauty of the golden fields, the rolling hills, and the live oaks of California with respect and tenderness.

We own several pieces by Beverly Moore, including the last two below. "Seacliff Field" is one of two California landscapes that flank my stacked stone fireplace in my front living room, and "Happy Dan," a portrait of childhood abandon, hangs in a hallway.

Top to bottom: California Coast Mustard; Elkhorn Open Land; Jim's Valley Spirit; Seacliff Field Signs of Spring; Happy Dan

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