Sunday, November 27, 2011

BEAUTY: Painting--Andrew Salgado

Ex-pat Canadian Andrew Salgado now works and lives in London. His portraits are so full of movement--nearly violent in their depiction of color sworling and slashing at faces, and threatening to engulf the subject at any moment.

From Salgado's Artist Statement on his website:
"My practice explores the correlation between the concept of masculinity and the properties of the medium; generally based in paint, at times my practice also incorporates video, text, sculpture, performance, and paper-based work. The objective of this pursuit is to challenge a perspective of identity through heightened, purposefully self-aware representation, in which these representations refer to their own physicality and question their legitimacy and even the very nature of my practice. The approach taken toward my practice is largely the result of a cathartic incident in 2008, in which a hate-crime assault led to a fascination with the notion that substance might overcome the limitations of its physicality - and that my perspective might transcend solipsism and approach the political. The propulsion for my work is the notion that identity may be (de/re)constructed as a politically charged confrontation of Self."

Top to bottom: Anxious; It Is The Fear that Keeps us Awake; Melancholia (I've Just About Had Enough With This Cavalier Bullshit); The Movement (Triptych): The Movement Beyond, A Thought That Lingers, Metamorphosis; The Silence That Consumes Every Move

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