Sunday, November 27, 2011

BEAUTY: Sculpture--Aganetha Dyck

These collaborative sculptures are the result of Aganetha Dyck and bees. Fascinated by inter-species communication, apiary, hives, and honeycombs, Dyck chooses ready-made porcelain figures for bees to coat with wax and build into their hives, pioneering a new art form known as "apisculpture." The result is a curious clash between the human world, and the insect world...which actually ends up seeming quite alien, ready to innocently obliterate the human world.

Top to bottom: Queen; Queen detail; The MMasked Ball series: Chess; The MMasked Ball series: Promenade Princess; The MMasked Ball series: The Promise; The MMasked Ball series: The Whisper; Closer To Her

Take a look at this lovely short video about an exhibition at the Confederation Centre of the Arts on Prince Edward Island, featuring the work of Aganetha Dyck.

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