Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BEAUTY: Tattoo AND Art!--Amanda Wachob

Classically trained artist Amanda Wachob has also been tattooing since 1998. You can see how she has been pushing the medium of tattoo with abstract designs of pure color and shape. Some look like sumi ink has been brushed, splashed, or dripped on an arm or back along with bright dollops of color. She also does representational tattoos as well, but even those have an envelope-pushing sense to them, as witnessed below by the couple from Edward Hopper's legendary "Nighthawks At The Diner," the extremely painterly fish, the burst of color in a Day of the Dead extravaganza, and a bruised sky with negative-space Escher-like birds.

Wachob continues to paint as well. I can see a clear relationship between her tattoo work and her oil-on-canvas work...

Take a look at some of her other work at the bottom link. And if you would like her to tattoo a slice of color on you, she is currently taking appointments at Dare Devil Tattoo in Manhattan. See her tattoo site for contact info.

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