Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Time, Part Two

A favorite lie the Radical Christian Agenda like to tell is that legalizing gay unions will somehow "destroy the institution of marriage", even though they are very vague on exactly how they think that will happen. If same-sex marriage is legalized, heterosexual couples will still be allowed to fall in love and to marry in either secular or religious ceremonies or both, heterosexual couples will still be able to love and value each other as much as they want, heterosexual couples will still be able to avail themselves of all the rights and protections they have always enjoyed such as tax breaks and hospital visitations; they will NOT be forced to divorce, they will NOT be made to disavow knowledge of each other. In short, NOTHING will change for heterosexual married couples.

Of course legalizing same-sex marriages won't destroy anything for anyone (letting women vote did not "destroy the institution of voting," and letting black men and women eat at the white lunch counter did not "destroy the institution of eating"), but the Radical Christian Agenda have to tell some sort of scary, apocalyptic lie to support their fear-based, bigoted view of forcing and inflicting their personal, religious life plan on the rest of the country, and to distort the truth. And that truth is that legalizing gay unions will only strengthen families, as shown here in this incredibly moving short film, "The Wedding Dance."

The maker of this film, Elliot London, is seeking funding to make a feature about bullying. He intends to give proceeds from the film to organizations that help protect LGBT kids from bullying. Donate by visiting this site:

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