Sunday, April 22, 2012

BEAUTY: Art--Andy Kehoe

The charming/creepy work of Andy Kehoe is utterly fascinating. There is a certain Sendakian whimsy to the sense of his narratives (most of his pieces look as if they could accompany a children's book), but this lightness seems to be tempered with an Hierynomous Bosch-like menace with dark forests and creatures that seem to be hybrids of moose and salamanders with feathery, external gills.

For a laugh, check out his recommendations for enjoying his work: "Paintings best enjoyed with smile on face and bourbon in non-mouse hand. When possible, fill room with the smell of burnt gun powder and bacon. At least four gas lanterns recommended for lighting. Legs can either be crossed or uncrossed. Remove Shoes." But for a real hoot, check out the "About" section of his website!

Top to bottom: All Turns To Brilliance; Dark And Light Radiate The Night; Forever My Fellow; On The Banks Of Broken Words; Together At The Threshold

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