Thursday, April 12, 2012

BEAUTY: Sculpture--Rob Mulholland

Scottish artist Rob Mulholland is fascinated by "who we are as individuals in relationship to others and our given environment." To this end, he has created Vestiges, a haunting site-specifc installation of six human figures cut from mirrored Perspex. These ghostly figures, at once present and absent, are references to past inhabitants of the land they occupy.

Mulholland says: "Before the First World War this area of Scotland was open hillside with small sheep farming Crofts [farms] and rural communities. The crofters were moved to other land by the government as there was a desperate need for timber after the war, the area was planted with fast growing conifer trees suitable for harvesting softwood and the landscape altered once again.

You can still see the some faint outlines of the crofts and past settlements within the forest, this intrigued me and I wanted to find a visual form that would represent the past inhabitants of this land."

Mulholland created a similar installation at Vestiges Park, a collection of contemporary sculpture that was part of the Glasgow International Art Festival 2010.

Lest you think he only places his Perspex people in pastoral or rural areas, here are some photos of a piece Mulholland titled Looking At You Looking At Me Glasgow in which his Perspex folks pop up in an urban landscape. Somehow, they are even more disconcerting in this environment!

He created some large-scale mirrored people for the town centre of Alloa.

And finally, people are not the only Perspex creatures Mulholland creates. Here is a family of foxes sneaking through the forest in Now You See Me, Now You Don't...

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