Monday, July 2, 2012

BEAUTY: Clothing--Rick Owens

I am glad Rick Owens exists. I am glad he creates what he does. His odd, minimalist, science-fiction, monk-robed collections always entertain and rivet me. I also like that he manages to use dresses and skirts in his collections while remaining completely masculine. Even the addition of platform sandals and leg warmers in his Spring Summer '13 collection at Paris Fashion Week felt like touches from some alien or perhaps future culture, when we all live on a terra-formed Mars. The collection, entitled "Island," felt lighter and more human than in the past and that has everything to do with the lighweight sheer nylon jackets, the surprising addition of jewelry (bracelets that looked like brass handcuffs), and leather used in the patchwork pieces. In fact, and it might be a leap, I am flashing on a certain kind of leather-patched, home-made, California hippie culture (and I can say that... I live in northern California)...

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