Friday, July 20, 2012

BEAUTY: Illustration--Eurydyka Kata and Rafał Szczawiński

Graphic artists Eurydyka Kata and Rafał Szczawiński of re: studios have created some amazing, minimalist images representing a variety of cultural and pop cultural phenomena. By using just a few key images, they are able to conjure artists, television shows, and films.

First, their iconic artists series tickles me. It is wonderful to recognize an artist, and his life and work by a few little visual hints. (Answers at bottom.)

Their images for recent television shows are pretty fun too. (Answers at bottom.)

And finally, here is their simple take on a few Disney classics.

(Answers: Artists = Pollock, Warhol, Mondrian, Van Gogh, Magritte, David; TV shows = "Mad Men," "House MD," "Lost")

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