Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just finished reading...

...two graphic novels by the marvelous French artist Nicolas de Crécy, SALVATORE VOL.1 and SALVATORE VOL. 2

Taking place in a kind of alternate universe where animals rule and people are pets, this humorous and often poignant story concerns two divergent and convergent plot lines about a lovesick dog trying to go from France to South America to rejoin his first love, and a myopic mother pig who is missing one of her twelve newborn piglets. By turns touching and thoughtful, and critical of modern culture, this cinemtically-told story is made all the more fascinating and delightful by de Crécy's scratchy, intricate art work.

I can't wait to get volumes three and four to find out if our little doggie finds his lost love and if our mama finds her missing baby!

Recommend? YES!

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