Friday, July 13, 2012

KEITH VAUGHAN: THE MATURE OILS 1946 - 1977 by Anthony Hepworth and Ian Massey

Regular reader and friend of this blog, author and art scholar Ian Massey writes to tell us of the release of his newest book. Entitled KEITH VAUGHAN: THE MATURE OILS 1946 - 1977, it is the first comprehensive illustrated record of all the known oil paintings produced by this important British artist from 1946 to 1977.

Vaughan was a self-taught artist who began painting during World War II. After the war, he shared a flat with the Neo-Romantic painters Graham Sutherland and John Minton. Although he worked at first in a Neo-Romantic style, his own personal expression became more and more abstract. An openly gay artist, he alternated between male figure study and Abstract art. With a gorgeous, distinctive, moody color palette and an intriguing sense of framing and placement, his catalog proves to be timeless. Vaughan committed suicide in 1977, two years after receiving a diagnosis of cancer.

Released for the centenary celebration of his birth, the book may be purchased on-line through the publisher Sansom and Company, here. It is also available through Amazon and fine retail bookstores...providing you can find an actual physical bookstore still in business.

Oh, by the way, Ian Massey is also the author of a marvelous book about the artist Patrick Proktor. It is also available through Amazon, here.

I profiled Patrick Procktor back in 2010, here.

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Thank so much Jeff - great to see the post on Vaughan.
There's a short feature in the August issue of OUT by the way (Chloe Sevigny cover).

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