Saturday, October 25, 2014

BEAUTY: Furniture--Bronze Age by Tjep

Netherlands-based design studio Tjep have created a series of remarkable furniture pieces entitled Bronze Age. The inspiration came from a previous piece they created by sanding a wooden chair down to a skeleton-like frame and casting that frame in bronze. This current collection starts at that point but takes it further, showing us a chair in mid-process, all entirely cast in bronze. The remaining pieces look like molten, dripping metal in a stretched, elongated scale. Marvelous work. I would love to put one of these very special chairs in a very special room for a client...

“As a reaction to the unstoppable digitalisation and virtualisation of all our basic needs, all the way to love and friendship, I feel an urge to produce work that is antagonistic to this trend. This collection contains all hand-crafted pieces, using traditional skills that once underpinned our very survival, each piece a manually intensive work and formed from the material that represents the dawn of civilisation,” says Frank Tjepkema, lead designer and founder of Tjep.

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