Thursday, February 5, 2015

BEAUTY: Interiors--The Loft

The concept of a pop-up, whether a restaurant, food stand, book store, or clothing store, is not new. But there does seem to be a new-ish twist: pop-up stores selling home goods from a completely furnished and styled home. The Loft in Amsterdam, helmed by the creative team of Floris Koch, Kassandra Schreuder, and Maarten Van Huijstee outfits spaces--lofts--that look like someone lives there but in fact, everything there is available for individual objects, or as an entire house full of furniture, lighting, rugs, objects, and housewares. I really love the mix they have gathered for their newest incarnation.

And here is their previous pop-up from mid-2014... as equally fascinating and expertly curated.

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