Sunday, May 31, 2015

BEAUTY: Painting--Men of Antiquity, Part Four

In a continuing series, here are more portraits of handsome-ass men from long ago.

Top to bottom: Arnold Böcklin--Portrait of the singer Karl Wallenreiter; Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson--Portrait of Jacques Cathelineau; Frederic William Burton--Henry Tanworth Wells; Friedrich von Amerling--(Austrian poet) Nikolaus Lenau; Georgios Jakobides--Portrait of Pavlos Melas; Glyn Warren Philpot--Sir Oswald Mosley; Gustave Courbet--Portrait of the Artist’s Father; James Carroll Beckwith--Portrait of William Merritt Chase 1881-82; John Maler Collier--Sir Willoughby Heyett Dickinson (1902); John Singer Sargent--John Ridgely Carter (1901); Kazimierz Pochwalski--Portret hrabiego Tarnowskiego; Kazimierz Pochwalski--Self-portrait with Palette; Magnus Enckell--Listeners of Music (1897); Mentor Huebner--Self-portrait (1946); Nikola Mihaylov--Portrait of the writer Petko Todorov (1908); Richard Bergh--Portrait of Nils Kreuger (1884)

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