Saturday, May 16, 2015

BEAUTY: Photography--Matthias Schaller

Painting palettes from legendary artists are emblematic of their iconic works. Amazing work from photographer Matthias Schaller. The Artist Statement about his meaningful series Das Meisterstück (The Masterpiece):

"With his series Das Meisterstück Matthias Schaller considers each palette is a revelation and an indirect portrait of the painter and of his painting technique. These monumental photographs provide historic and unprecedented insight into the artist’s use of color, organization of space, and their brushstroke, for example. Since 2007, Schaller has been capturing the beauty of these artists’ palettes as a window into their creative genius. Through the process of capturing over two hundred palettes from over seventy painters of the Nineteenth and Twentieth century, Schaller sees each paint palette as the unconscious painting, or the painting before the painting. The palette is an abstract landscape of the painters’ artistic production. To better understand the artist’s process and analyze their individual creativity as a painter, Schaller presents large format photographs of the original paint palettes."

Palette of Claude Monet
Palette of Edgar Degas
Palette of Édouard Manet
Palette of Edvard Munch
Palette of Eugène Delacroix
Palette of Georges Seurat
Palette of J.M.W. Turner
Palette of John Singer Sargent
Palette of Paul Gauguin
Palette of Vincent Van Gogh

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