Wednesday, June 10, 2015


A video project of one minute portraits of humans by filmmaker Nora Jaccaud and sound engineer Arie Van Der Poel.

Iñaki was asked to identify the most beautiful thing that has happened to him in his life.

Boris had a change of career.

Emma works in a shop.

Kim cares for Kiwis.

Blair is creative.

"Every person we meet, observe on the street, in a shop, behind a counter, and even the ones we don’t see, like the cherry picker behind the fruit or the dairy farmer behind our milk, have thoughts worth hearing, worlds worth seeing. We believe we have a lot to learn from them. Maybe you too ?"


Human Postcards said...

Thank you for sharing these portraits Jeff! It was a great experience to film them, and we are thrilled you are enjoying them!

Best regards,
Nora & Arie

Jeff said...

Hi Nora and Arie,

I am always star-struck when an artist I feature writes in to the blog!
Thanks for writing, AND for making such a lovely, touching series. It is very special.


Human Postcards said...

Thanks for your kind words Jeff. We hope you're enjoying the latest postcards as well! :)