Saturday, June 13, 2015

Poisonnerie Némeau

For Poisonnerie Némeau, a fish monger in Montréal, designer Jean de Lessard looked no further than the name for inspiration. Taking Captain Nemo as his brief, de Lessard said, “I approached this project from the ‘vintage’ viewpoint of Jules Verne, but through a time line between today and tomorrow. It’s subtle, a little crazy, but fun!”

The largest and most unique feature is the ice floe sculpture in cool ocean blues outlined in riveted bronze bands (that could have come from The Nautilus itself) looming over the store but then sliding down a wall to become shelving for products. The "floating ice berg" cold cases topped with asymmetric glass were custom designed to showcase the seafood as a fine jewelry store would display jewelry. And the jagged pattern of the flooring and grey walls again brings to mind icebergs and floes. The entire design is such a wonderfully inventive approach.

All images by Francois Laliberté

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