Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Cloud Calls" by Count Counsellor

This delightful song, "Cloud Calls" by Aussie/British Count Counsellor (real name: Henry) is a joyous celebration of childhood. The song is from his four-song EP entitled "& The Childhood Heroes." Of the collection of songs and this song in particular, Count Counsellor says, "The idea came from establishing each song as a story book in a child’s life. The first song, 'Cloud Calls,' is about youthful optimism where anything seems possible."

"Top of the sky, we’d run to hide
As friends we’d play til we catch the last light
Beg and dare each other to stay out further
What if we meet the dark, she said
Jumping all the fences so carelessly into the clouds ahead…"

"It’s your turn, don’t worry, I got all you need
Shut your eyes and jump cuz I got all you need
I mean, you can’t be scared of the heights now,
We’ve been in the clouds for hours
And the dodo’s with us now, can’t you see his wings are down, down, down
Jump now, jump now, I’m here, you know that falling is the best part
You follow and I’ll lead cuz I got all you need..."

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