Saturday, October 17, 2015

BEAUTY: Installation--Ann Veronica Janssens

English-born, Brussels-based light artist Ann Veronica Janssens just revealed her newest multi-sensory installation, yellowbluepink which is part of States of Mind: Tracing the edges of consciousness at the Wellcome Collection in London. The States of Mind series aims to explore consciousness and perception and Janssens' work addresses those issues directly.

“Nothing is more beautiful than a person’s own perception. I try to push it to its limits,” says Janssens.

Her installation consists of a gallery space full of a dry mist through which colored lights are shone. The Wellcome Collection describes it succinctly: "Colour is caught in a state of suspension, obscuring any detail of surface or depth. Instead, attention is focussed on the process of perception itself. Janssens’s work is both disorienting and uplifting as the daily wonder of conscious experience is given renewed emphasis."

“To step inside the space is to leave the regular world behind, and to encounter a space in which all experience of surface, depth, even time is obscured by a curtain of colour made physical,” says curator Emily Sargent. “While neuroscience is great about telling us about the relationship between brain activity and some cognitive function, it hasn’t yet come up with an explanation of how the activity of neurons can give rise to the experience of colour, as we enter into this installation. And yet without really knowing how or why, we are all experts in that personal experience. And Ann Veronica’s beautiful installation reminds of the richness of our interaction with the world.”

Janssens' yellowbluepink is on display through January 3, 2016. If you are in London, hurry!

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