Thursday, November 19, 2015

BEAUTY: Installation--Konstantin Dimopoulos

Sculptor and performance/installation artist Konstantin Dimopoulos has created a moving, site specific art installation called The Blue Trees in which the trunks of groups of trees are painted a saturated blue. His natural water based pigment has colored trees at spots around the world including London, Vancouver, and various cities across the United States.

From Dimopoulos' Artist Statement:
"I think of the Blue Trees as a project that has a strong regenerative aspect to it, an organic artwork that is continually changing and evolving from site to site. From season to season the trees grow through the cycles of nature and the colors also begin to change and disappear. There is a sense of time as a part of the concept. Time that determines our own existence is measured through these trees."

Here is the installation in Houston, Texas showing the trees during the different seasons. The blue trunks look spectacular against the orange and yellow leaves of autumn.

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