Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BEAUTY: Painting--Sarah Fagan

These grids of everyday tiny objects and detritus by Sarah Fagan offer an interesting glimpse into daily life. Taken out of their context, these bits and bobs are free to be examined and interpreted for what they really are. It makes their connection to us even stronger since we must recognize and place them--the sense of these works asks us to ponder the minutia of our lives, the concrete fact of ourselves.

Top to bottom: Organize; Organize II (Everything Happens For A Reason); Organize III (Everything In Heaven Is White On White); Organize IV (In The Beginning); Organize



Sarah said...

Jeff, such beautiful words about this series of paintings of mine. Many thanks, -Sarah

Jeff said...

Hi Sarah,

My pleasure! I am always honored when an artist I feature drops by. And thank YOU for the lovely, intriguing images.