Monday, March 21, 2016

"The Nomadic Alternative" by Delta Club

London-based Italian producer and musician Mattia Del Moro's nom de musique is Delta Club and he has released "Fortitude," an EP featuring this marvelous song "The Nomadic Alternative." Digital snippets arranged in layers of swirling world music while at the same time an expansive, yearning ballad floats below...

Speaking about the track, Del Moro told the website goiongsolo, “The song is inspired by Bruce Chatwin’s book ‘The Nomadic Alternative’ in which the author explores the concept of a new nomadism. The fact that the book has never been published gave us a chance to think about the impossibility for the art to fully represent such an experience as traveling. The music of Delta Club lies on this contradiction.”

On a related note, Bruce Chatwin inspired not only Mattia Del Moro's song, but a marvelous collection of clothes by Christopher Bailey at Burberry, previously here.

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