Wednesday, May 4, 2016

BEAUTY: Painting--Kirsten Sims

South African artist Kirsten Sims is a gifted illustrator. She creates naïve, whimsical scenes that remind me of the quirky work of the great Maira Kalman (previously here). Both women seem to be drawn to joyful narratives.

The following images are from Sims' second solo show called "You Are Here," shown last month (April 2016) at the Cape Town gallery Salon 91.

Top to bottom: Capetonian Sundowner; Fairweather Family Photograph; Limoncello; Loosely Based On Real Events; Never Ever Land; Night Bus To Nowhere; Night In Shining Armour; No Tinder At The Table; Spirit Animal Convention; The Feminists; The Sky Was Faking It; You Are Here

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