Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Urban Fabric Rugs

Because I am an interior designer, I get many, many magazines and emails sent to me about interiors and home furnishing products (some not solicited, so they really pile up). The avalanche of information can get a little overwhelming but generally I love seeing so much inspiration. And I came across a fantastic rug company that I would love to specify for a client. Urban Fabric Rugs make cut pile rugs with relief plan views of major world cities! Urban Fabric Rugs say that their products can come in any color and they will create rugs in custom dimensions.

Here we see Dublin...

...or maybe you fancy a hot pink London for your wall?

Paris in a neutral tone is subtle...

...but Shanghai stands out in red.

They also make Manhattan (which, because of the shape of the island, looks like it would work superbly as a runner) and Los Angeles...

...and the Forbidden City in Beijing!

And if you can't decide on a city, they helpfully make a "Time Zone" rug that shows the times zones of the entire world!


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