Sunday, October 9, 2016

Seen On Maui: Komoda Bakery

I'm currently on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands and I just had to make a pilgrimage to the world famous Komoda Bakery for cream puffs and donuts on a stick. Located in the sleepy little Upcountry village of Makawao, Komoda Bakery was opened in 1916 by Takezo Komoda and his wife Shigeri as a restaurant and sandwich shop. It wasn't until 1947 when Takezo's brother Ikuo returned to Makawao with pastry recipes from a stint at a cooking school in Minneapolis that Komoda's found its footing as a bakery. Soon their cream puffs became famous and the long glazed donuts were placed on wooden skewers--a unique touch to be sure. Popular with locals and tourists (haoles) alike, Komoda's celebrates 100 years in business this November 2016. If you find yourself on Maui, drop by for cream puffs and a donut on a stick--but get there early, the line starts forming outside before they open at 7AM!

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