Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christine's Christmas Castle

The beautiful and wildly talented artist, photographer, baker, and author of the cookbook DECEPTIVE DESSERTS Christine McConnell has created quite a spread for the holidays. Her Victorian-verging-into-Gothic-by-way-of-Tim-Burton take on the traditional gingerbread house turns into a stunning Gingerbread Castle populated with a Chocolate Reindeer Cake, Almond Brownie PineCone Critters, a Shortbread Christmas Tree surrounded by Grandma Millie's Fudge and Eggnog Fudge Presents, and a Sugar Cookie Guillotine (ringed with Peanut Butter Snowballs) to punish a very naughty snowman...

Recipes for this entire spread are available at

Visit Christine's amazing, immensely entertaining Instagram for more photos of clever food, especially Halloween-themed treats:

And purchase a copy of her DECEPTIVE DESSERTS book at her website:

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