Wednesday, November 8, 2017

BEAUTY: Painting--Meghan Hildebrand

Meghan Hildebrand's newest series Lorafauna seems to represent the nature and indigenous cultures of her native Canada. I love her supremely engaging use of shape and color. Meaning is layered in what at first appears to be abstract shapes and compositions, but look closer at the little animals popping up, and the nature spirits materializing...

Hildebrand says, "Lorafauna pays tribute to the marvels and mysteries of the coast and forest. Using animal and mythical motifs, symbolic landscape elements, and a highly tuned colour palette, these paintings portray the stories of dark and light just under the surface of familiar places. In addition to acrylic paintings, watercolours will be featured in series for the first time."

Top to bottom: Awake and Listening; Badger; Black Bunting; Cache; Chaperone; Haywire Bay; Lost and Found; Nightcrowned Northern Shoveler; Spruced Up; The Source; The Trust

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