Saturday, November 25, 2017


Artist Julian Rosefeldt (previously here) wrote and directed "Manifesto," a fascinating and wholly unique film installation that was originally shown at art galleries on multiple screens at once. Starring the phenomenal Cate Blanchett, the film consists of thirteen segments, each ten and a half minutes long, with Blanchett playing a different character in each. For each segment, she recites all or parts of artistic manifestos from visual artists, filmmakers, writers, performers or architects. Siobhan Calafiore of The Weekly Review said each context "explores a different idea from art and originality to the subconscious and society. Yet each one resonates and moves the viewer in a surprising way." And Toby Fehily of The Guardian said that "what matters in Manifesto isn't what is said but the way it's said. Rosefeldt has found a way to shrinkwrap the ambitious spirit and poetry of these texts into humble everyday actions."

What an absolutely amazing concept.

You can purchase a 90-minute version on DVD or Blu-Ray but you can see all unedited thirteen segments at Rosefeldt's site here:

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