Monday, March 25, 2019

The Future of Footwear Is Now

Design studio Ica & Kostika have created amazing 3D printed footwear based on patterns from the natural world. The series of wedges and heels is entitled "Exobiology" and the brand says:

"Fueled by passion, love, beauty, and brought to life by combining art and the highest levels of mathematics, we have forged our heels. disruption is at the core of existence. The Big Bang disrupted time and space, within every one of us there is longing for disruption. This is our way.

Humans have been creators since the dawn of time--it is our very nature--and we want our art to embody our evolutionary story from our past to our future. Fusing the latest in 3D printing and data capturing technologies, we created not just a shoe, but a story of continuity and innovation, and this is our first step."




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