Thursday, May 16, 2019

BEAUTY: Painting--Amelia Alcock-White

Amelia Alcock-White paints reflections in rippling water like a true Impressionist.

Her Artist Statement:
"My work addresses the on-going debate surrounding the use of our coastal waterways. It explores how a single event can manifest multiple futures, some potentially destructive. What is beautiful and what is economically expedient are often two divergent paths.

By highlighting the reflections on a body of water I attempt to contrast nature versus nature repurposed by humans and the far-reaching and often permanently damaging repercussions that can occur.

The irregular ellipses of flattened colour, abstract patterns and highlighted surface reflections try to evoke a reverence for the mystery and importance of water, our natural world, its fragility and precariousness."

Top to bottom: Concurrent; Englishman; Mercurial; Nautilus; Quennell Lake; Rigged; Taxi II; Taxi

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