Tuesday, May 21, 2019

BEAUTY: Painting--Aron Weisenfeld

Eerie narratives abound in the marvelous, unsettling work of painter Aron Weisenfeld. His subjects and compositions manage to capture deeper meanings, much like film stills. We can see on his canvases wispy, willowy children in desolate areas, on the outskirts of danger or harm as in Night Grove or The Return...or we see puzzling, inexplicable scenes like a procession of people crossing railroad tracks in front of a staggeringly cavernous tunnel in The Wedding Party. Pay attention to the titles of the rest of the pieces: they are important.

Intrigue. Mystery. Enigma.

Top to bottom: Border; Delayed; Eva; Flare; Greenhouse; Little Boy; Night Grove; Pearl; Picnic; The Garden; The Grove; The Lake; The Night; The Oath Breakers; The Return; The Wedding Party; The Well; Train Tunnel; Transmission


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