Monday, March 4, 2013

BEAUTY: Art--Hanna Ilczyszyn

Hanna Ilczyszyn captures the ambiguity of childhood as a state of being. My friend, the late Maurice Sendak used to talk about this: childhood is actually a time of great stress. Children are new to everything. They are learning a language, words, how to communicate, how to maneuver an unpredictable world in which they are surrounded by much larger creatures who appear to act rashly and arbitrarily (adults), how to find their place as they develop a sense of self, and how to interact with others. It is a confusing, anxious time when everything matters so much.. even the little things, because, really, that is all we have when we are children (it is a similar story when we are grown but for other reasons and issues not relevant to this thread). Ilczyszyn mines this uncertainty and the black-or-white, make-or-break world children inhabit.

Top to bottom: Ball; Boy; Dance; Girl With A Toy; I Like Cats; Stop; Teddybear

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