Wednesday, December 9, 2015

BEAUTY: Misc. Winter Art

Top to bottom: Winter Creek by Rick Stevens; 17-96 by Rick Stevens; Slg Skyttarna by John Bauer; Shade and Shadow, Ball Mountain Road by Tony Conner; What If It Doesn't Work Out? by David Langevin; December 9 Gatineau Hills by David Lidbetter; December 2 Ottawa River by David Lidbetter


Ulrika said...

I stumbled over your blg via Pinterest, and I got curious. You had som Lovely painting and I hsppended to notice that
You Eritrea printer unknown by the painting Moose in snow. I’m am Almis certain that the artist is the swedish painter
John Bauer.
Kind regards,

Jeff said...

Hi Ulrika,

Thanks for that piece of info! It is indeed John Bauer and I have added his name to the list of artists in this post!