Saturday, October 29, 2011

BEAUTY: Photography--Heinz Maier

Heinz Maier is new to photography and has started his artistic journey by focusing on macro photographic images of insects and, more spectacularly, water droplets. We've all seen high-speed photographs of water droplets hitting a still water surface, but the beautiful colors, textures, and shapes of these images make the concept seem new and mysterious.

A glass artist needs to copy these frozen moments in time and turn them into some breathtaking, delicate glass sculptures (the fourth one down entitled Can I have More would make a gorgeous goblet)! Any takers? If you, Glass Blower, transform any of these images into solid form, please let Heinz Maier (link at bottom) and me know! Send us pictures!

Top to bottom: Yellow Drill; Column On Bubble; The New Way; Can I Have More; Crown


Caroline said...

Oh my god, the second-to-last one! These are amazing.

Jeff/Geoff said...


Yes, that is my favorite one too for some reason. The others are more colorful and interesting, but there is something sort of immortal about the goblet shape of the one we like!