Friday, November 4, 2011

BEAUTY: Mixed Media--Matthew Cox

Just when one thinks that one has possibly seen it all when it comes to art, along comes an artist who puts together materials and ideas in a very fresh and unique way. Who would have ever thought of embroidering x-rays? Matthew Cox, that's who.

What makes this concept work so well is not only the juxtaposition between the materials themselves (the sleek, plastic-y feel of an x-ray and the soft, satin-y feel of embroidery thread), but also the collision of a sense of something institutional, medical, colorless, hard, even of a sense of death, with a sense of vivid life, color, texture, and nature.

Top to bottom: Laughing Skeleton; Lips; Skull With Earrings; Wrapped Wrist; Foot In Seeded Grass

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