Sunday, November 27, 2011

BEAUTY: Multimedia and Sculpture--Ashley Zangle

Ashley Zangle is a multi-media artist who uses an unusual medium to produce her work. No, it's not Oreos (see this post), it's not honeycomb (see this post), and it's not copper sulphate (see this post)--it is bubble bath!

She pours various bubble baths and bath products into subtly colored Rorschach blots. As they interact with each other, congeal, and dry, they take on a very organic sense. Look at the detail photos of some of these creations--crystals form once the liquid evaporates!

Carrying on the organic theme, Zangle creates small sculptures that look like organic forms, mineral samples, coral, or petrified ocean life. For these pieces, she uses wax, spray paint, salt, flour, acrylic paint, oil paint, baking soda, plasticine, and found objects.

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