Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BEAUTY: Interior--UXUS

Amsterdam-based interior design and architectural firm UXUS created a stunning home for a family here in the US, featuring lots of traditional Scandinavian white but done in a unique, eclectic, non-Gustavian way!

The description of the project from their website:

"The Wilton Residence is a 1930’s hunting lodge located in the historical heart of Connecticut. The home belongs to an American family, who after living in Europe for 13 years returned to the US.

The interior is a reflection of their years living abroad with an eclectic mix of high European contemporary design, personal mementos and a classic American style. UXUS wanted to create an invigorating energy by fusing a pioneering spirit with the inherent comfort of effortless style – colonial yet innovative. Inspired by Rustic Luxury and essential beauty found in simple things, every space within the Wilton Residence exudes openness, personality and playful sophistication."

I don't normally gravitate toward all-white or primarily white spaces. Don't get me wrong, they can be well designed and lovely to behold, but I personally find I need a little more interest, a little more color, and more variety. But this space seems to be an exception for me and I can't quite place why. The furniture pieces and objects around seem to generate enough interest and make the space feel intriguing. I really like the oddly patterned (it looks like graphics by Currier and Ives!) bent-wood dining chairs from Swarm Home ( and that fabulous office in the solarium.

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