Monday, December 5, 2011

BEAUTY: Photography--Ellie Davies

British fine art photographer Ellie Davies has a penchant for capturing scenes that are steeped in a kind of eerie foreboding. Her Magic Realist photos are set at twilight (in fact, one of her photographic series is called "The Gloaming," an ancient word I adore) or in the dark of night. We see shots of nature, suspiciously empty clearings at the edge of impenetrable black, or people alone at night, being watched...

It all deliciously speaks to folk lore and fairy tales of getting lost in the woods at dusk, or urban folk lore where lone figures walk into a park or dark, abandoned building and never come out.

Top to bottom: After Dark 4; I Always Knew You'd Come Back 1; Silent, Dark, and Deep 2; The Gloaming 1; Vantage Point 1; Vantage Point 5; Vantage Point 8

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