Monday, December 19, 2011

BEAUTY: Photography--Tim Walker

British fashion photographer Tim Walker is a supreme Romantic--part "Alice In Wonderland," part Brothers Grimm--creating fantasies, daydreams, and fairy tale stories. His work is refined, cultured, gentle... and very English.

For W magazine, Walker had 18th and 19th century art works blown up and mounted on the walls of Glenham Hall, an Elizabethan home built in Suffolk around 1560. Then he posed models in clothing reminiscent of the time period and feeling in the piece of art. The result is a lovely and vital interplay between art, fashion, and architecture.

I have seen other Walker photos floating around the internet and blogosphere for a while now (the dress/lamp tree, balloons spilling out of Eglingham House, and a young man with a room full of foxhounds) and had never known who to attribute them to, and now, thankfully I know. The last photo is of Walker himself in bed surrounded, whimsically, by cakes... lots of cakes...

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