Tuesday, February 14, 2012

iamamiwhoami: "sever"

Jonna Lee's iamamiwhoami project released a new song and accompanying video today. Called "sever," the song is lovely and floaty--somewhat of a somber affair--and the video displays the imagination and production values of all the past iamamiwhoami videos.

In an empty high-rise apartment, with sea birds from the "kin" teaser circling outside the windows, the iamamiwhoami woman (I believe this is the Mandragora born from the white pot of dirt in "20101104") dances with a shaggy creature who may or may not be there. Is this the grown up version of the baby shaggy creature with Jonna Lee in the "clump" video? Recurring motifs: white interiors, stacked cardboard boxes, and a character in underwear.

It has been noticed by some fans that this Mandragora caresses her belly--might she be pregnant?

If you are unfamiliar with iamamiwhoami, do yourself a favor: go to their YouTube channel and watch all of the videos in sequence... and watch this mythical, abstract story of the Mandrake root unfold.

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