Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BEAUTY: Clothing--John Varvatos

Is it me or has John Varvatos become a more interesting designer over the last few years? His Spring Summer '13 collection at Milano Moda Uomo this year is a lovely thing that evokes many different time periods from Edwardian dandies to 30s gangsters to 40s Hollywood "movie stars." The result speaks to a kind of lost glamor. And interestingly, one of the inspiration figures for the collection was Bowie in his Thin White Duke incarnation (the second Bowie inspired collection at Milano Moda Uomo this year--we are seeing, once again, the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon playing out). In fact, Matthew Schneier of Style.com said, "So rock hasn't been banished from the house, just tidied up. What he's offering, Varvatos said, is 'an elegance that most young people don't know, because they've never dressed up that much. They've worn a suit, but they've never really been elegant.'"

The collection is pretty much just all about jackets and I love the variety: the frock coat, the asymmetrical button, the double breasted and double-button-row with a vaguely military feel, and a jacket with a very high stance.


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